Wallpaper Removal & Installation

All of us have made mistakes that we wish we had not. One of the mistakes that you may have made is having the wrong type of wallpaper installed. When your wallpaper is ruining your life, you can count on our expert painters at O’Fallon Painting Contractors to help you completely forget you ever had wallpaper on your walls.

They take their time so that the job is always done right and that they don’t leave you with a mess on your hands. Removing wallpaper in O’Fallon, Missouri can take up a lot of your time and this is why it is in your best interest to leave the job of removing your wallpaper in the hands of our capable painters.

​Since they have the necessary experience needed to perform the job, why not let yourself off the hook by contacting our O’Fallon painters today.

DIY Wallpaper Removal Versus Professional Wallpaper Removal

The next time you have a free weekend, you may have committed to removing the wallpaper that you no longer like. If this is the case, you may want to consider the following. It really isn’t something that you should stop and start because you likely will never complete the job. Worse yet, chances are that you will not really know how to perform the job.

Consulting the Internet doesn’t always get you the results that you want. By the time you realize this, it’s too late. Why not simply contact O’Fallon Painting Contractors from the beginning to let us take care of your wallpaper removal needs. We’ll be able to do the job quickly and in a systematic way.

Don’t frustrate yourself unnecessarily when we are here to provide you with the quality of service that you deserve. If cost is a concern, we assure you that we will find what you need at rates you’ll be able to afford.

Wallpaper Installation Service

It is practical to assume that if we remove wallpaper, we also install wallpaper at O’Fallon Painting Contractors. You would be correct in your assumption. Installing wallpaper can be just as time-consuming, if not more time-consuming than removing wallpaper. No matter how challenging this might be, we assure you that our professional wallpaper installers will be able to handle the job for you. They take their time to understand the extent of the job so that they can provide you with the best services possible.

Because it’s been so many years since wallpaper was really popular, many people forget the real challenges of installing the wallpaper and having it look nice and professional. Here are some of the well-known but easily forgotten challenges of wallpaper installation:

  • Wall Preparation – Before you can hang wallpaper, your walls must be clean and as smooth as possible. Any holes or divots left from nails, screws or anything mounted to your wall must be properly repaired before hanging your wallpaper. If these holes aren’t repaired, you can have unsightly spots in your finished product.
  • Corners – Hanging wallpaper around corners is always a challenge no matter how much wallpaper hanging experience you have. However, with practice the job gets easier and the end result is a much more professional looking outcome. Corners are common spots for getting unwanted bubbles, and corners are also areas of your house that isn’t completely level. Precise cutting techniques are required to give your finished wallpaper walls the professional look we know everyone wants.
  • Patterns – Unique or classy looking patterns in wallpaper is oftentimes why people want to use wallpaper instead of traditional paint. The right colors and patterns can really make an area of your house look stunning. However, when hanging wallpaper, the patterns can cause a very painful, and defeating experience. It’s very important to review the walls and patterns before you begin and craft a plan for how to bring the seams together in a way that lines up the patterns. Our team has lots of experience with this and can make your new walls looks fabulous.

Get your money’s worth with O’Fallon Painting Contractors.

Why Hire Us?

When you rely on O’Fallon Painting Contractors, you are able to stay within your specified budget. If we have to perform the job in stages to accomplish this, we certainly have no problem doing this for our customer’s. Make us your preferred wallpaper service so that you don’t have to experience the headache and frustration of trying to handle this work on your own.

We know how to accomplish this with minimum to no problems, as this is what we specialize in. We offer a customer service guarantee whenever they rely on us for their wallpaper removal and installation.

Also, if you’re replacing the wallpaper in your kitchen and would like a free estimate on our kitchen cabinet painting services, we would be glad to provide you with that as well.

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